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PRO 1 is our type 1 J-1772 to Tesla (NACS) adapter. It allows Tesla owners to charge their vehicles using a charger that has a J1772 connector. Designed in Australia, certified against water splashes and dust-proof, this beauty is as tough as it gets. Holds 250v and 80A max.

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  • Adapts a type 1 SAE J-1772 connector to fit a Tesla vehicle (NACS). Rated Temperature: -22°F (-30C) to 122°F (50) Input/Output: 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 80A Max IP65 Rating: High level of protection against dust and protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction (not suitable for continuous submersion). UL 94 V0 certified: Highest level of certification for flame retardant components. How to use it: Plug-n-play.

    Uncover the latest innovations for your Tesla Model 3 accessories. The portable charger cable adapter extension ensures convenient charging at any point. PRO 1 2023 all tesla model accessories boast advanced safety features for high-speed charging and peace of mind on your electric journey. Don't have a tesla charger close by? No problem. Pro 1 J1772 to tesla adapter converts any type 1 plug into a tesla charger!

    Plug the cable, lock it, tap the tablet & have a seat @ the chargepoint.

  • PRO 1 user manual

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